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The beauty and elegance of a concrete countertop is unmatched. The amazing look and feel cannot be achieved using any other type of surface. Concrete countertops have the ability to be molded into any shape or thickness.  Concrete countertops can be designed with an infinite number of color and finish options. Virtually every aspect of a concrete countertop can be custom fabricated to your design needs.
Concrete can be used in many areas of your home other than in the kitchen.  A fireplace surround, mantle and hearth, can all be custom-constructed to compliment your personal taste and style. Whether you wish to have an ultra-sleek contemporary feel, or more of a traditional design, concrete is the perfect material.



Create a unique and elegant concrete vanity top for your bathroom.  A concrete sink offers you the ability to customize every aspect of the project, from color and sink style, to thickness and shape. Do not let yourself be restricted to what you find in the “Big box” stores or catalogs.



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